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Abiral Khatri (Founder/President)

They say it’s always a new beginning from where it ends. And they say it’s never an end. Triyog is the place from where my life begun academically, and I spent 12 glorious years with amazing opportunities and numerous experiences that taught me about the core values of life, confidence, and has contributed immensely for the person that I am today.
It was the year 1997, that Triyog High School renamed itself from Triyog Girl’s School. We were wearing pink shirts at that time, until it wasn’t long enough that we got our independence and grey shirt was introduced in 2003.
This is just a small jest to recall one of my many school memories. From the very beginning the school always made us realize the core values of life which doesn’t lie in the differences but which lies in the common ground we hold towards learning and growing. Triyog more than for myself was also much significant to my family as my mom Reeta Khatri who currently in her 23 years of teaching in Triyog and still continuing, as well as my sister who studied in Triyog has been a role model with her own great endeavors at school.
With all these occurrences in life, I always had that desire somewhere deep rooted instilled in me that I should give something to the school and the community that has given me so much. Today, I stand as the initiator and Founder President of Triyog Alumni Society, a network of more than 1000 ex-students registered as an NGO in four different government organizations with the vision of ‘Unity in Diversity for Prosperity’.

Creating a 30 years old school’s alumni was not an easy task in itself. But, the passion to form this alumni was so huge that I believed we could have great alumni if established one, for the fact that our school Triyog was so unique and diverse in its own way. In the year 2012, when the school was on its 25th Silver Jubilee year, we initiated the Triyog Alumni Project, and after facing numerous challenges on awareness about the concept, in the year 2015 after 3 years of long hope and waiting and after having a superbly talented team, with our united vision and ambition we were able to convince and influence many others and started having a series of monthly events which ultimately resulted in the success we hold today.

Our activities started from 6th March 2015 when we organized 1st Ex-Students Meet Up, for the first time in 27 years with a theme of rebuilding the lost knots, where more than 50 ex-students representing different batches showed up and supported the reunion movement with our effort to reviving old memories and remaking the new ones. Then followed awareness campaign on 8th February 2015 we organized a small opus for the SLC batch with the theme, ‘Bonds Don’t Die as Time Flies’ in their farewell day. Moreover, during the critical period of April 2015 Earthquake when just few days after the quake we took the lead and collaborated with the school by organizing ‘Triyog for Quake Victims Project’ whereby everyone founded a common ground with resilience to contribute including the ex-students, current students and the people of Dhapasi community who gathered up and worked together by collecting and distributing rescue and relief package to more than 7 quake victimized districts of Nepal. Our effort was appreciated worldwide as it gave the true meaning of humanity and reflected how alumni can collaborate and contribute for the welfare of the community on such crucial periods. The alumni became more lively and participative as with the ‘Logo Making Competition 2015 and Reunion Event we organized on 5th September 2015 ‘with the motto ‘Your Decision Makes a Change’ where more than 200 people from the entire Triyog fraternity including teachers, current students, ex-students and professionals were invited to come together and reunite to launch the official T.A.S logo made by Shreemila Shrestha.

Triyog Alumni Free Health Camp and Blood Donation event in 6th August 2016, was the most successful of all the events held at the school premise first of its kind ever organized. With about 40 blood donors, 90 patients, and hundreds of volunteers including teachers, parents, ex-students, 80 pints was handed to the Nepal Red Cross Society.

Despite all the hurdles and limited resources, we proved that anything can be achieve with a strong desire when the purpose is so meaningful. Hence, after dozen of meetings, brainstorming, report making, with all the encouragement and support we registered Triyog Alumni Society as an NGO with an intention to contributing back more. I have to thank my amazing team, Vice president, Ayush Acharya, General Secretary Sambriddi Ghimire, Treasurer Sashank, Event managers, Sajag Guragain and Bishesh Dewaan, IT Salil Shrestha, Recording Secretary Pratik Poudel, Darshana singh, advisors, Dr. Samridhi Khatri, Jagriti Rai, Shrijan Dhakal and all those awesome volunteers who were all the time gracefully working and contributing on our mutual cause. Above all, nothing would have been possible without the support from the school.
Creating alumni, I would say has been the journey from a caterpillar to a butterfly, growing, learning and re learning everything. Apart from doing events and contributing back, it has also been so much more about self-investment, skills enhancement, reviving the memories of school, and cherishing the awesome moments with the team. This is a story of a journey started with just few friends now getting support and appreciation of hundreds of volunteers and friends worldwide who are joining hands with us for a better world. I am sure with given resource and time this will take further, inspire more students and keep generating more members for the alumni to take forward our events and conduct activities by ourselves for the community as we hold the motto of giving back. Triyog has always been exemplary in the domain of providing each and every student the canvas of their ability to paint their achievement to the best of their caliber. At the end, I would like to end this article contemplating on this line from our school song “In Triyog we will be ever United, Striving on in Truth Always”, T.A.S with its events has been able to reunite all the Triyogees from multidisciplinary background for a meaningful purpose of helping the fraternity with networking opportunities and community welfare activities reflecting on its own motto of ‘Unity in Diversity for Prosperity’.
And now, by initiating and institutionalizing T.A.S we welcome everyone from Triyog fraternity to come together and be a part of this shared journey for prosperity.
By:Abiral Khatri
Initiator, Founder and President
Triyog Alumni Society (T.A.S)
For more information, contact to triyogalumni@gmail.com and visit the Facebook page, Triyog Alumni Society.
Abiral Khatri completed 12 years of education from Triyog High School after passing out SLC in the year 2009. He is currently pursuing his Masters in International Finance and Economics at the prestigious Renmin University of China and working as an Investment Analyst at Sino Steels Corporation, a Fortune 500 listed company.

© All rights reserved by the writer Abiral Khatri

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